PLA Double Wall Cups


Item #DescriptionPieces/CRTNCRTN/40HQ
PLA-DW088oz PLA Double Wall500998
PLA-DW1212oz PLA Double Wall500791
PLA-DW1616oz PLA Double Wall500602
PLA-DW2020oz PLA Double Wall500492

Raw Material: PLA-laminated Paperboard

PLA (polylactic acid) is a biopolymer made using dextrose (sugar) derived from sugarcane, corn, sugar beets, wheat and other sustainable resources. We use PLA resin to laminate paperboard in the production of Paper Cups. PLA is annually renewable and certified compostable and biodegradable.


Product Characteristics:

  • Water Resistant up to 85C/185F
  • Fully customizable up to 6 colors 


fsc   sfi

*available upon request