Retail Packaging Made Easy


Why do only foodservice or only retail? With GeoTegrity as your OEM manufacturer, you can pursue both markets. Our product diversity and packaging expertise allow you to source all of your retail tableware products from one factory and take them direct to market.


GeoTegrity offers retail packaging for all of your product lines: molded fiber tableware, PE paper cups, PLA paper cups, and PSM cutlery. With over 10 years experience, we are now the largest packager of retail molded fiber products in China. We are also experts at retail packaging for paper cups and cutlery.


Simply submit your request and custom designs to your Sales Consultant and we will do the rest!

Sub-License our Certifications



GeoTegrity maintains BPI and Din Certco compostability certifications. These certifications allow you to verify the integrity of our product claims, and likewise, for your customers to verify the integrity of your own product claims. Now more than ever, customers throughout the supply chain want proof of compostability certification.


To get these certifications, BPI and Din Certco request you to complete compostability testing from an approved lab ($10,000 USD). Afterwards, you must submit the lab reports for verification ($3,000). Once the analysis is complete, you must pay an annual fee to maintain the certification ($1,000). The process and costs vary depending on whether you seek BPI or Din Certco.


These costs are high for any company. Therefore, we have committed to maintaining these certifications and allowing our customers to sub-license them.* BPI and Din Certco allow sub-licensing the certifications for a small administrative fee ($450). The fee is paid directly to BPI or Din Certco. GeoTegrity collects no fees for the sub-license process. This process allows you to save significant costs ($15,000+).


*This service is only available for customers that choose us as their exclusive supplier for one of our product categories (i. e. bagasse or PLA paper cups, not necessarily both).