PE Ripple Wall Cup


Item #DescriptionPieces/CRTNCRTN/40HQ
PE-RW044oz PE Ripple Wall1000
PE-RW088oz PE Ripple Wall5001184
PE-RW1212oz PE Ripple Wall500938
PE-RW1616oz PE Ripple Wall500776
PE-RW2020oz PE Ripple Wall500621

Raw Material: PE-laminated Paperboard

PE (polyethylene) is the most common plastic today. It is the most widely used lamination for cup stock paperboard. While it is not biodegradable or compostable, we do offer our customers the choice of FSC-certified paperboard. By choosing FSC-certification, our customers can ensure the raw material used for their products comes from sustainably managed forests. It is the first step in moving towards a truly environmentally friendly product.


Product Characteristics:

  • Heat Resistant up to 100C/212F
  • Fully Customizable up to 6 colors