Far East Eco Pack changes name to GeoTegrity

Far East Eco Pack Announces Corporate Name Change to GeoTegrity


JINJIANG, FUJIAN, CHINA – September 28, 2012


Far East Eco Pack (远东), a leading original equipment manufacturer of sustainable disposable foodservice and food packaging products, announced today that its corporate name will change to GeoTegrity (远东吉特利). Far East’s subsidiary company, Dragon Natural (巨龙天然包装), will also be included under the name GeoTegrity (远东吉特利). The change is effective October 1, 2012.


The Board of Directors determined that the new name, “GeoTegrity”, more accurately reflects its current operating activities and long-term strategic focus. The company’s core business and products are closely tied to the GeoTegrity name.


“The corporate name change is one of many steps taken to strengthen GeoTegrity’s position as a leading manufacturer of sustainable disposable food packaging products,” commented Binglong Su, Chairman of GeoTegrity. “This change comes at a time when we are showing success in the execution of our growth strategy. That growth includes the expansion of our product offering and the construction of a new manufacturing facility in Xiamen.”


Highlights of the new corporate identity:




Company Name: Geo is a prefix meaning “the earth” and Tegrity is an abbreviation of the word integrity. GeoTegrity manufactures sustainable products that empower our customers to positively impact the global environment. And we operate and conduct business with the highest standards of integrity.


Company Logo: GeoTegrity’s new logo is green and white. Green symbolizes our commitment to the global environment, and white signifies the purity of our raw materials. The circle is symbolic of the lifecycle of our products, while the leaf within the circle represents the renewable resources we use to ensure a sustainable lifecycle.


Corporate Tagline: ‘Renewable Packaging Solutions’ proclaims the company’s commitment to manufacturing products that are made using renewable materials.


About GeoTegrity


Since 1992, GeoTegrity’s mission has been to manufacture high quality innovative products that positively impact the environment while increasing the profitability of its customers. GeoTegrity has transformed itself from being a pioneer in the development and manufacture of molded fiber tableware machine technology, to becoming the leading original equipment manufacturer of a diversified offering of sustainable disposable foodservice and food packaging products.


GeoTegrity is headquartered in Jinjiang, Fujian and currently has operations in Jinjiang and Xiamen, Fujian. For more information, please visit http://www.GeoTegrity.com.